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Where It All Began

In 1996, Creative Endeavors Consulting emerged as a boutique consulting firm through Marketing Communications Management (MCM) Group Inc., to be the marketing and multimedia arm for team- inspired business opportunities and fulfillment.

MCM Group Inc. was founded in 1987 to advise in the areas of intellectual property, based upon the founder's expertise and talent; creating cost-effective programs to work with manufacturers, property owners, retailers, financial, creative individuals and others, assisting them in their expansions of markets, product lines, and investment opportunities into new brands for licensing opportunities.

Proposal presentations to private equity funds, internationally, we assessed all of the variables to increase the company's market share for profitability. This also included acquisitions and mergers, to increase the competing strength for the client companies. MCM created new product collections, including design, product manufacturing, a sales and buyer network. The campaigns MCM created built company owned brand, California Cottton Company.

In 1992, MCM moved into offices at 1407 Broadway, New York, and 110 East 9th Street, Los Angeles. MCM launched California Cotton Company in 1993. CEC added to the MCM marketing arm with a new business team in 1996, opening full time business offices in Santa Monica, California.

Today the group has expanded into the virtual world as a global business with a vast group of resource abilities to continue the vision since 1987, of its founder/creator, Janis Des Rosiers.

Some of our newly merged "Creative Endeavors Marketing Communications Management Group International" interests and profiles: Creative Endeavors Consulting Partners.

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