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Creative Endeavors - Business, Marketing, Multimedia Expertise

Creative Endeavors raises your profile through developing business interests into a cost-effective co-brand marketing campaign for all types of products and services, to increase their recognition and demand. We offer the creativity, trend and product experience, with the capabilities to promote Company-owned trademarks, brands, and not-for-profit messages.

Through the strength of representing ourselves as one brand we found unity, competing power, more freedom, and higher profit margins.

Through our brand campaign opportunities we offer multimedia merchandising vehicles developed within our unique marketing plans that cross-promote and match company interests from a wide variety of industries.
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For companies and individuals

Raise Your Profile Incrase Your Value
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We approach our campaigns in a way that includes:

  • Partnerships
  • Affiliations
  • Clients' individualized services or products
  • Expansion that can cross-promotes, matching interests for a wide variety of industry resources
  • New products test marketed
  • Limited edition collections
  • Taglines. Merchandising. Product placement.
  • Regional and national campaign placement

We partner on multimedia projects to gain a wider audience and instill new energy for different industries and markets. We offer for business, creative, and personal growth: to co-market the business tools, knowledge and expertise of our Alliances, Affiliates, and Associations.

The Case for Co-branding Alliances Effective co-branding can last as little as a few weeks, essentially in a co-promotion, or it can be strategic and long-term.

Experimentation Should Be Your 2006 Resolution 12-12-05 AdAge.comThese personal production technologies help realize a vision many of us have been propounding for years, that all companies, no matter their core field, will have to have expertise in two businesses, their own, and the media business...[With new technologies] companies that can't and don't spend a fortune on high-priced businesses, don't spend months in strategic marketing planning exercises, and don't kill good ideas by putting them through layers of review. They start small, do it themselves, measure success, then scale up.

The purposes of products are:

  • To match information-merged merchandise.
  • Set yourself apart.
  • Build resources for product collections.
  • Educate on best practices, health & wellness, business and personal expansion.
  • Provide downloadable materials.

During the fourth quarter of 2006, areas of web sites set aside for themed collections of merchandise appeared on 59% of sites, up from 28% a year ago.

Source: 9th Annual Mystery Shopping Study by the E-Tailing Group

Merchandising offers:

  • The window dressing that attracts people and companies to your brand.
  • Value personally and professionally.
  • Technology services that interrelate.

How Merchandising works for our team:

  • Consultants receive a percentage of product sales (merchandising) for trade on research and development, through presentation and/or licensing assistance.
  • Affiliated companies' products and services may be co-marketed with companion products for increased interest and demand.
  • Affiliates can become Partner Companies for joint ventured product development, attached to a license, and may be promoted through our online stores and/or the brick-and-morter stores of our client-partners.


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Raise Your Profile ~ Increase Your Demand

Through Use of Merchandising

 We employ a campaign approach.
We share our skills, talents and resources.
We are professionals guided by our need to achieve success.
We achieve our success for you, without the usual high cost of doing business.
Together we share a vision with entrepreneurial spirit, creating a unique powerful message to the world.