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Creative Endeavors - Business, Marketing, Multimedia Expertise

Share a Vision, Create a Brand Spirit

The Creative Endeavors brand represents possibilities for achievement through business and creative exchange.

Through the strength of representing ourselves as one brand we found unity, competing power, more freedom, and higher profit margins.

Creative Endeavors' intellectual/tangible property development and brand expansion assists an individual, a company, and non-profit into developed or expanded market recognition with added appeal.

We Can Provide a Complete Branding Package:

Brand Opportunities for Companies

Brand Expansion: Our diversified resources can lead or support company objectives to expand brand market reach and revenue in ways that make the most of resource capabilities.

Brand Extension: We expand the possibilities for client properties to increase in value by creating tangible extensions (products) that create demand for the use of the brand (licensing value).

We create recognition opportunities for licenses by co-brand marketing with other companies and licenses that inter-relate, through cost-effective regional, domestic or international campaigns.

Branded Brands Focused and well-respected brands are cashing in by enriching each other's brands, bringing to the party their particular core competence or signature ingredients. Think Heineken and Krups, or Chanel and Ducasse.

10 Ways to Grow Your Business License[ing] your product can be an effective, low-cost growth medium, particularly if you have a service product or branded product... Licensing also minimizes your risk and is low cost in comparison to the price of starting your own company to produce and sell your brand or product.


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