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Consulting Partners Program:

Our business development strategy places clients' and brand owners' individual interests into various participations, for the purpose of expanding the bottom line within our marketing programs. We offer the creativity to propose unique solutions and new marketing programs for project development, creating a wide range of opportunities for individuals and companies.

New market ownership opportunities:

Licensed Partnerships:

We provide ownership opportunities on a joint ventured basis, trading shares for development or fulfillment as part of our branded team within our licensed partnerships. We have test marketed new iintellectual or tangible properties to reach markets within a detailed campaign.



Research & Development



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A Forecast for the Agency Business___ MediaPost ________ The last thing I foresee happening is that...The holding companies will create agencies around their largest clients, and they will promote their strongest executive-level strategists to holding company-level SWAT teams who then become responsible for developing new ideas and generating new business. These will become the drivers of innovation industrywide..Their success will determine if I am right, but I feel their success is inevitable.

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